Bit of tracker cleanup before serious work begins (Making a "raw" API easily accessible)

Been doing a bit of cleanup, getting minor patches integrated, setting up the trackers to provide v3.0 groups, that kind of thing. First major task I want to tackle is making an explicit "raw" sub-package that will provide the raw ctypes API for OpenGL. The purpose there being to allow projects that want to use the C-style interface (e.g. Pyglet) to share the same code-base as "regular" PyOpenGL projects. It also allows for advanced coders to program things that break the abstraction model of PyOpenGL.

Also planning on renaming the module's PyPI name to PyOpenGL before too many people start using "OpenGL" (just causes confusion having the name == the underlying library).


  1. Richard

    Richard on 11/07/2006 10:43 p.m. #

    Good luck with the refactoring! Pyglet's been making good progress lately :)

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