A tip for owners of small businesses (If your bookkeeper is unwilling to show you the books, change bookkeepers...)

Learning a rather hard lesson these days. Just because you're paying someone to do a job and they claim to be doing it doesn't mean they really are doing it. When the person is supposed to be doing tax-related work, having them not get their job done can do more than just scuttle the company.

If you are the director of your company, you must make sure that your company takes care of tax withholdings and the like or you personally can wind up liable for the amounts involved. If I'd had any idea of that rule when I was asked to act as a director I would probably have rejected the offer outright, but AFAI knew at the time it just meant that I was expected to help advise the company about what to do.

Anyway, burning far too much thought on this this evening. There are other things to get done.

[Update: turns out that I was never a director; no director's meetings, no registration, no notification of becoming one, nothing that would make me one officially; in other words, it was just a wrong assumption that I was one AFAICS]


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