Need a decent unit-testing framework for OpenGL (Unit tests are good things...)

I've just moved the (rather small set of) tests in OpenGL-ctypes into a unittest test case. Discovered in doing that that the nurbs and evaluator code is working on the laptop (just doesn't show up in the real-world tests, suggesting that there's a problem in the setup there). Reinforces the idea that it's the amd64 architecture causing the problems. I'm likely going to drop into Linux Caffe this evening to work a bit more on it.

[Update: confirmed, NURBS are working on the (P4) laptop (though not the molehill demo), the OpenGLContext demo works properly on the laptop with the latest CVS].

[Update2: Not going to L.C. Soni pointed out that would waste 1 hour of less than 3 left on travel]


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