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April 17, 2006 - April 23, 2006

DHCP goes south on the laptop (How did that happen...)

I seem to have lost the laptop's ability to connect to the DHCP server here at home. Everything else is able to get to it, but the laptop just doesn't get through. So much for getting some more work done this evening.

I'm also getting comment spammed by some jerk here on the blog. Cursed ...

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Unbelievably annoying when you have to reverse work (I don't want to think about how long that was...)

Hit one of those "argh" moments in the VoIP project today. We import CDR files from a backend system. I read the field names and didn't see anything that looked like "destination" (in the sense of a physical location, like a city). So, we write a little subsystem that can guess location from phone number ...

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A very pleasant hike down (And I got to see Dan twice...)

Hiked down to Linux Caffe this morning. Time held steady from the test hike at 55 minutes or so. That's only 15-20 minutes more than taking the TTC, and bang-on equal if the bus doesn't work out right. I felt rather good, though I obviously need to get a backpack for the laptop if I'm ...

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Forgot to clock in this afternoon (Whole day's work disappears...)

I did a bit of work on OpenGL-ctypes this morning, mostly just reintegrating the win32 changes so that the Linux build still works. I also killed a number of extension-module autogeneration problems. Doesn't actually make them work, but the modules are now valid Python (and correct, just useless until they get some extra code).

Then ...

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