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NeHe demo 45 (Vertex Buffer Objects) sort-of working (If it didn't look wrong...)

Bit of work this afternoon. Mostly wanted to get the GL.arb.vertex_buffer_objects extension working. Turns out we had some demo code in the NeHe directory, it had originally been written against a CVS version of PyOpenGL 2.x, but with some tweaks and cleanup it ran with PyOpenGL 3.x (most of the tweaks just ripping out code ...

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Numeric (legacy) support now working in OpenGL-ctypes (Well, cvs version...)

Finally got some time for OpenGL-ctypes. Decided to work on the module to support using Numeric 24.x as a data format. Thanks to a thread on ctypes-users it turned out to be a trivially simple module.

It turns out that the "object" type has a __basicsize__ attribute which tells you the size in bytes of ...

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