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Progress on Developer's Environment for OLPC (Planning an Ubuntu image with everything pre-built...)

Last night I finally managed to build with jhbuild on the Gentoo machine (details here). This afternoon I'm working on getting the same to work on an Ubuntu VMWare installation. This will be a full Ubuntu install with the sugar-jhbuild/jhbuild configuration and build complete. At the moment sugar's sound is broken, so it ...

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Getting OLPC images working (Our experiences hopefully will help others...)

Today we spent the day with Qemu. The Qemu images are able to run the Sugar images, including networking. With that we were able to start looking at patterns for working with the emulated images. We also spent much of the day trying to get the kernel driver for the pcnet32 compiled for the laptop ...

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Something seems to be working against me working on OLPC (Ridiculous set of barriers...)

I've been working on getting Sugar installed on my laptop for development all night (since around 8pm or so). Was given a free copy of VMWare Workstation 5.5 (yay), but the image I have doesn't have the driver required for VMWare's network driver to work, Nor does it have gcc to install it. I gather ...

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Talk went okay, met Shane Holloway (Let 100 OpenGL bindings bloom...)

We're starting to get an embarrassment of OpenGL bindings. PyOpenGL 3.x, Pyglet, Nokia's OpenGL ES and Shane's C-based binding (generated with gccxml) come to mind. PyOpenGL is AFAIK the only PyOpenGL 2.x compatible one, but there really seems to be an interest in the auto-generated C-style interfaces for small projects.

Ian Bicking and I are ...

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OLPC talk was extremely good (Not just because it backs up some of my talk's points or because I want to work on it (though that helped)...)

Presentation on the OLPC this morning was great. Sure I already want to work on it, but it rekindled the fire after the many failed attempts to get sugar built so I could start development. If we could afford it (and it wouldn't mess up the customers) I'd so love to go work on it. ...

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Delays and more delays... (Plane and network...)

The plane wound up about 2:45 hours delayed in total (laptop didn't even last 5 minutes on its battery). More frustrating, when I finally got here and sat down to work I couldn't get wpa_supplicant to log into the pycon network. It always wanted to choose the stupid hotel access point and even when I ...

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Dallas (FW) veterans, good place to meet for taxi sharing? (Never been there...)

For Taxi Sharing it would be nice if there were a place to meet, that is, some place which is easy to find, which any person could find (potentially with help from a friendly airline person). Some place where you could sit for an hour or so without causing problems. For instance a given coffee ...

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