Just about ready for a new PyOpenGL release (About time...)

Spent today on PyOpenGL. Got the nurbs code working for most of the demos. Cleaned up the GLU module implementation as I was doing that. Started work on the documentation, first updating the main page and then beginning work on the auto-generated documentation.

Good news is that the documentation generation process no longer requires so much setup. Modern Linux distributions include full entity resolvers and seem to have docbook-xml dtds and the like installed by default.

It still takes *forever* to build the main "manual.xml" file, though. It builds one super document from hundreds of little xml files and it takes basically forever (it's been going for 30 minutes or so now). That delay is one of the reasons that the docbook documentation gets so far out of date... it's just too painful to work with.

I'll need to update the scripts that produce the sample source-code links as well. I want to add a "search google code" link as well, for those cases where the code isn't in my little library of PyOpenGL-using projects.


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