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More time on distutils/setuptools than ctypes issues (Just a thought that struck me...)

There are two major changes in PyOpenGL 3.x (and OpenGLContext). The first is the big, obvious one, the switch to using ctypes. When it comes right down to it, other than tracking down a few AMD64 issues at the start, and a few problems between the chair and the keyboard, ctypes has "just worked" most ...

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A night (and morning) of relaxation (Age of Empires II retro strategy game death matches)

Genti (he spells it that way, regardless of what Soni says) came over last night and we played AoE II all evening (until 02:40) then got up early and played a few more games before we (Soni and I) headed over to visit with Gram's friend Margaret. Sad news during the visit, Jack (another of ...

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