A night (and morning) of relaxation (Age of Empires II retro strategy game death matches)

Genti (he spells it that way, regardless of what Soni says) came over last night and we played AoE II all evening (until 02:40) then got up early and played a few more games before we (Soni and I) headed over to visit with Gram's friend Margaret. Sad news during the visit, Jack (another of Gram's friends) died a few months ago. He was a friendly chap who often had lunch with us when I was over there. Still, a pleasant visit chatting with Margaret.

This afternoon and evening are dedicated to PyOpenGL/PyCon work. Nothing else on the agenda. Soni is going to learn how to play AoE II tonight so we can all play together next time (she really seems to like the whole building-a-civilization part of the game). Genti learned a heck of a lot in the 20 or 30 games we played. He got good enough that I had to really work to invade his kingdoms, whereas at the start I could take 2 or 3 units in and lay waste to his civilization.

All in all I feel rather relaxed and ready-to-go. Yay.


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