Delays and more delays... (Plane and network...)

The plane wound up about 2:45 hours delayed in total (laptop didn't even last 5 minutes on its battery). More frustrating, when I finally got here and sat down to work I couldn't get wpa_supplicant to log into the pycon network. It always wanted to choose the stupid hotel access point and even when I could convince it to jump onto the pycon network it kept requesting an invalid IP address, so dhcp couldn't resolve. Argh.

Didn't realise they had the quiet rooms set up with hard connections yet, so wound up wasting almost 3 hours on that. Need to get knetworkmanager (or something comparable) installed. This is ridiculous!

Anyway, because of the delays I'm not going to get to go out and have fun this evening with people. Have to get some work finished for customers that I'd intended to do this evening.


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