Build is underway (System upgrades first...)

Next stage in getting an OLPC developer's image is getting Gentoo updated to current from the CD image. So, I'm now building Python 2.5 (and the 20 or 30 packages it pulled in). I'll also probably have to recompile xorg (to get the Xephr server) and Gnome, so it'll be a few days still. Already encountered a small bug in the instructions (missing quotes in one of the command lines).

In the meantime I'm working on paying work. The (regular, non OLPC) laptop is sitting next to me compiling away on the image and I look over every few hours to see if it's finished.

There's talk on the sugar list about using the raw LiveCD (the qemu version, not the one I'm building) image as a distributable at the Game Developer's Conference. They're wondering about SDL/PyGame usage within Sugar (i.e. GTK). Guess we need to get that tested/documented soon.

[Update: Looks like glibc has also updated since the 2006.1 release. Definitely going to take a snapshot after it is installed and everything is rebuilt with it so I can avoid this in any future image I create.]

[Update: still rebuilding to use the new glibc at 20:00 on Sunday]


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