Distribution plan (Or thoughts on a plan...)

Continuing to build the developer's image in the background at the caffe. Still another 120 packages to go (with a couple of big ones, like Qt). Seems that the "snapshot" feature isn't creating "diff" filesystems on top of the previous version, it copies the whole file system. This would be why I'm running out of disk space :) .

For distribution I'll have to do some slimming down of the image. In particular, I'm going to have to move the portage directories over to the host (they're ~ 1GB before distfiles and built packages). Likely want to make a script that maps those directories to the host with the host's own directories shared so that I work in a special environment but users do not use that environment once they install. Want to make the system keep a local portage cache, but drop it from the image on preparation for publishing.

Also probably want to go through the installed packages and strip out e.g. OpenGL support so that users aren't creating packages that use OpenGL and expecting them to work on the laptop.

When all that's done, I'll need to find some place to host the results, likely a BitTorrent tracker for the main image plus an rsync server for the portage directory and an http server to provide prebuilt packages. Looks like it'll be 20 or 30 GB if we get 5 or 6 images up plus all the packages and portage... way more than I can ask Vex to support.


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