Sly horse trader that I am (Little side deal to make everyone happy...)

When JoAnne was over yesterday we made a deal to swap my scanner (which I only use once every 4 or 5 months) for her digital camera (which she doesn't really like compared to her "classic" camera). JoAnne was forced to buy the camera (when she really wanted a scanner) in order to get a particular job finished for work. I bought the scanner back when I was doing lots of sketching that I wanted to capture... I don't do anything like as much sketching any more.

Don't know what resolution the camera is, but at least I'll be able to use it for more than scanning in the occasional sketch for tracing (particularly I can use it for capturing textures to use for 3D demo worlds). JoAnne wants the scanner to work on her children's books (which is also what the GIMP was for).

Played pool with the kids today. Mehmet and I lost one game, then I beat Rosey 3 games to none in one-on-one. Didn't catch the second-oldest girl's name. We traded embarrassing stories at lunch, Rosey's "suitcase on the highway" was a big hit, as was my "tuxedo" story. Now I need a nap before I start working.


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