Catching up on email (And OLPC stuff too...)

Quiet day today, when I haven't been sleeping I've been either plowing through the thousands of backed up emails or working on little bits and pieces for OLPC (e.g. following up on some contacts at U of T). I'm updating the laptop to the newest stable build. Probably also see about putting a few non-standard apps on there for people to play with on Thursday.

Updating my vmware image in the background. I've let it get a considerable way behind as I've been focusing more on the human relations side these days. Also downloading the latest developer's LiveCD.

I'm also trying to fix sip/qt/eric core dumping on my workstation. Gentoo devs say that the combination I'm using is non-standard and that that's the reason it fails... but it's just an "amd64" machine, nothing special in overlays or anything. I mistakenly let portage update the packages when I did the updates this weekend and now I can't find the working versions, so as of this moment, no eric on the workstation. Sigh.


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