Back up (mostly) ($1200 and 18 working hours poorer)

I've got the server/workstation back up to limping shape. GRUB is corrupted in some weird way (doesn't show the menu, just a garble of text, but it chooses the first option in the list, so I actually get booted) and the HAL daemon hangs the whole machine if I let it run... other than that no issues yet (haven't tested the myth install yet, though).

Turns out that Canada Computers has a $20 bios-flashing service. Would have used it if I'd known about it early enough. Instead I bought a second CPU (an old Sempron 3200) for $50 and popped that in just long enough to flash the bios.

Spent quite a while figuring out that the amd64 version of grub just doesn't seem to work, wound up with a corrupt MBR at one point (ick). Using "grub-static" now. Also quite a bit of time wrestling with the Gentoo "invalid executable format" error on the installation/repair chroot stage. Solution there was to download an amd64-specific LiveCD.

Anyway, now I need to configure all the services and test the various pieces of hardware. But it seems likely we'll have a mail and svn server for tomorrow's working day.


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