B3 Arrived Today (Maybe install the B2 at Linux Caffe for developers)

I normally carry my B2 with me when I go down to work at Linux Caffe (well, almost everywhere, really), lets me put it out on the table and let people who are interested in the project strike up conversations even when I'm working on other client's projects. Find some good contacts that way, do lots of informal presentations and (try to) convince people to support the project as a result.

The B3 arrived today, however, and carrying both of them would be kind of heavy (with my main laptop as well). I'm thinking the best use of the B2 would be as a sort of light-weight lab down at Linux Caffe. We'd need a USB key with an installation image to wipe the machine for each user (or maybe not, we don't wipe it now and we've had 3 or 4 people using it, but then it's also become quite cluttered with old, non-working projects).

The idea is that any developer could come down and work on the B2. No need to join the developer's program, just come in and test your software on the platform. Probably need to hook up a mouse and keyboard to it (the trackpad on my B2 having been warped by water, and programmers often having large fingers).

We were also planning to set up a sugar-jhbuild-based system with user accounts and ssh-tunnelled X/VNC access so that developers at the Caffe could work on a dev machine as well (for security and bandwidth reasons it would probably be local-only). Even with that, having real hardware for testing there would be very useful. Especially since when I'm there we'd actually have hardware for testing and experimenting with the network too.

Anyway, other client's have work that needs doing today, so I'm off to work on that... I so wanted to just blow it all off and spend the day hacking.


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