Need to find a way to distract myself (There's not a lot to fire the imagination at the moment...)

I'm considering purchasing an ATI TV Wonder to be able to use MythTV on this machine (we pay ~$50/month for cable TV and watch maybe 3 shows a week at the moment (yes, yes, I should be listening to lectures or something, but I'm out of philosophy lectures, and the music is *really* getting repetitive (I have 5 days 17 hours of music *including* the lectures and all of the humourous songs (to which I can only listen so many times a week)))).

The TV Wonder is only something like $110 after tax. I know, I know, why would anyone reading this care :) .

Nice thing about MythTV (instead of the custom (and comparatively primitive) program for the ATI All-in-Wonders) is that it includes things like a through-the-web scheduler plugin so Rosey could schedule recordings... it's basically designed to be software for a PVR, rather than an application running on a desktop... slick interface too... unfortunately, it's programmed in Perl, but I guess asking for them to recode in Python would be too much (and yes, I know about Freevo, just haven't tried it out yet).


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