Fast Approaching Deadline (Fun-fun-fun...)

Wedding is tomorrow afternoon. Weather report says 90% chance of rain (for our planned outdoor ceremony). Likely have to retool for an indoor ceremony. Flowers and dress getting picked up now. Shoes producing blisters during break-in. Music for the ceremony still needs to get sorted out. Ceremony practise never got done. Rides to the (rather remote) location turning out to have been double booked (eeps).

Instructions for the videographer and photographer still not finalized (heck, we'll have to do everything indoors, which will completely rewrite the instructions even if we had finished them). Still have all the centre-pieces to build this evening and need to figure out how to deploy them when we don't have access to the reception hall until the ceremony is underway. Hopefully the venue can do the filling and lighting (they are water and fire based).

Need to get everything that has to go marshaled for tomorrow so that I'm not having to run around figuring things out come noon tomorrow when it's just me. Ah, the joys of planning it yourself...

[Update] And sisters are a god-send. They do so much.


  1. Joe L.

    Joe L. on 09/08/2007 1:31 p.m. #

    1) Stop.<br />
    2) Take a deep breath.<br />
    3) OK, that was practice. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at the ceremony's start.<br />
    4) Enjoy your day.<br />

  2. Godson

    Godson on 09/09/2007 6:59 a.m. #

    Wedding ?! Happy married life!

  3. Mel

    Mel on 09/09/2007 1:44 p.m. #

    Congratulations! *throws rice* And many happy years to come.

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