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Joomla, Wims, Mozilla (Webby...)

First three sessions at the conference over. Wims appears to be a framework for writing web quizzes. It apparently has an embedding mechanism for adding those quizzes to courses using the open source course mgmt software (blanking on name right now).

Joomla 1.5 seems like it's primarily a refactor and clean up. Useful sounding for ...

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Pleasant walk around a night market (Very generous hosts...)

Our hosts took us for a walk around one of the night markets this evening (after treating us to a very well done dim sum dinner). The night market is a very large, intense and close version of the shops down in Chinatown (or Kensington Market), but without the need to close everything in, so ...

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Quick walk while the process runs (At least I got out of the air conditioning...)

Feel so stupid sitting here coding software at home. Two bugs found, one a straightforward "duh", the other a scaling issue that didn't show up in the tests, with a straightforward fix. Still, that's 4 hours of my time here gone.

Went for a walk as the final run was working. Just around the block. ...

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