Quick walk while the process runs (At least I got out of the air conditioning...)

Feel so stupid sitting here coding software at home. Two bugs found, one a straightforward "duh", the other a scaling issue that didn't show up in the tests, with a straightforward fix. Still, that's 4 hours of my time here gone.

Went for a walk as the final run was working. Just around the block. There's about 30 or 40 little shops on the block in the little alleyways, all sorts of different foods. Need to get money from an ATM, wound up having to spend all the money I had with me to get the visa paid for this morning.

Also need to internalise the value of an NT$. It's 1:34, just checked that again... the cost of tea at the hotel bar made me question the value, it's NT$200... about CDN$6... which made me think "no, can't be, it must be $0.60".


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