Presentation seems to go well (Few questions, though...)

Presentation went reasonably well today. The Asus and the XO were sitting next to each other on the podium, they really are very similar systems. I tried to make it clear that we'd like to get the software and content shared across the various systems, so that we avoid teaching "computers", and teach children how to learn and adapt.

The EEEpc looks very nice in person. It's physically smaller than the XO (XO's handle and much larger trackpad area, along with the "raised" screen). Somehow I'd thought it was "sealed" case too, turns out it's more of a traditional laptop that way. All-in-all seems like a very usable product, and it looks like it would be very easy to use as an OLPC software/content stack device.

Ellis' presentation made me jealous of their SDK for developers, it's basically a LiveCD/installer with a VMWare image and player so that devs can set up a machine, install from the LiveCD and have a functional environment similar to a "jhbuild" environment (but not a PITA), with a emulated environment running inside for closer-to-real testing. Exactly the kind of thing I'd love to have to give to developers.


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