What to see... (Touring the city)

Suggestions from Ellis:

* Lin Family Mansion, (NW of Taipei in Pan Chiao City)
* Master Ching-shui Temple (81, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Chiu)
* A traditional vernacular house
* Lung Shan Temple
* Museum of archaeology
* Dalongdong Baoan Temple

The Open Source group of Taiwan in meeting tomorrow, so tomorrow I should do something relatively downtown-ish. Today I could go anywhere, just a matter of figuring out how to get there :) .


  1. gasolin

    gasolin on 11/05/2007 3:42 a.m. #

    You sould not miss the fried chicken steak and pearl milktea(or Bubble Milk Tea, tapioca pearl drink)...<br />
    <br />
    Oops, it's about 'what to eat&amp;drink' :)

  2. Yuan Chao

    Yuan Chao on 11/05/2007 4:22 a.m. #

    I used to take visitors to the night markets for food. For example, the famous "Shi-lin" night market, and the ones near Tai-da (NTU) or Shi-da (NTNU) univ. Also you can try out the famous dumpling "Din-tai-fong" and mango ice of "ice monster" in "Yong-kang" street. :)

  3. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 11/05/2007 3:58 p.m. #

    :) thanks for the food suggestions. Eddy and K.C. took us to two night markets, and I've been wandering around them myself as well. I've had the dumplings already, but none of the others yet (though, of course, we have bubble tea at home (and I love it)).

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