Learning in the Rain (Using my B4 in Taipei...)

Wound up with an awkward couple of hours yesterday, not enough time to really document the Confucious and Daoist temples, but an hour and a bit with some travel time at both ends before the OS Taipei meeting. Grabbed a coffee and went through the olpcgames wrapper code.

Started off in the caffe, then spent a half hour or so waiting for Ping (turned out he was waiting right around the corner inside, duh!).

What I discovered, sitting in the rain reading the code was this: yes, you can read the XO under a light shower, but there's a problem that didn't occur to me before. You can't read through the droplets on the screen. Kept having to wipe it off on my pants to keep it readable.

I think I now basically understand the operation of the code. Would like to figure out how to make it possible to re-orient the pygame display on Resize and Rotate (I don't *think* it works now). Also need to see about letting the windows auto-size themselves to the current display if practical. Would like to make it easy to use the wrapper or not, so that people can work on non-OLPC laptops (or emulators) for the sprint. Anyway, who knows if I'll get time to do all that before next weekend.

Alright, it's past 3pm and I still haven't gotten out of the hotel room with delayed email and problem tickets at home and catching up on news and the like. Need to head out, get some breakfast and enjoy the city a little. Going to hit an electronics store (Nova, near Taipei main station) to see if I can find a folding USB keyboard, a USB-to-VGA adapter and a USB key drive (hey, there's 3 USB ports, after all). After that probably head over to the Confucius/Daoist temples near Yap's place (where the meeting was last night).


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