Procrastination pays (Apparently, with accounting software...)

As some of you may recall, GNUCash went a bit nuts a few weeks ago and stopped being able to calculate overall totals or produce printable invoices. Last week's invoice was long enough that I just didn't want to hand-produce it, so I decided to try the 2.0.0 release (marked unstable (~amd64) on Gentoo).

There were a number of dependency issues with the upgrade, mostly dependencies that required "gnome" use flags to be specified before re-emerging them. No big deal there. With that done the package installed as normal and started up fine.

It automatically loaded my 1.2-generated file, properly updated the overall totals and let me print the invoice I'd generated with 1.2 to a valid PDF (something 1.2 never accomplished). Overall the look of the application seems more polished on my KDE desktop. Anyway, looks like I can use the app for now. I'm still obsessively checking the data-file into SVN after every change, of course...


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