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Making TicTacToe actually TicTacToe (Not a test suite...)

Sat down intending to do a spike test for a networked model that fed into (and was fed by) a GUI across multiple clients. Instead I spent the first half of the evening making a (single-person) TicTacToe game. The current TicTacToe activity in olpcgames doesn't actually do TicTacToe, so needed to get it to the ...

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Fun and Game Wrappers (Maintenance coding...)

Spent the whole day so far on the OLPCGames wrapper. Lots of code clean up and documentation. Created a stupid-simple script that punts out the boilerplate "sugar" code for a simple Pygame project with icon, setup file, activity definition and the like. Mostly because I was getting annoyed having to do all that junk every ...

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