A Few Hours Behind (So probably right on schedule...)

Graphics (art) is right on Track. Miguel has been working steadily and consistently, he's got the first couple of teams under control, has the board designs, just execution there. He's even talking about whether he'll be able to get to more player icons than the initial two.

Networking was touch and go, but Andrew and Ryan seem to have overcome the issues for now. We'll have to rethink the olpcgames.mesh module at some point. Games need to be able to (easily) register their own Telepathy objects on it and get reasonable services to support them.

Jill, Ryan, Andrew and Myles are now all working on the (now integrated) graphics and network engine.

Myles and I were trying to work together on the simulation code for most of yesterday. Unfortunately, we are not GIT users, and its user interface is punishingly unfriendly and opaque, so we probably lost 2-3 hours in pointless GIT busy-work. In a number of cases we had to resort to emailing the files across the table. If Andrew hadn't been there to figure out some of the problems we would have abandoned it entirely.

Simulation is now about where I wanted it to be yesterday at 6pm, i.e. just about ready to sit inside the network server. It doesn't properly implement the entire rule-set, but it's got a quick sketch of the rule-set, passes it's tests, and handles all of the defined inputs. Now we need to figure out what data-set it's going to ship over, and how to process that on the GUI side.

AI (which is just path-finding for us) should theoretically just be a matter of picking up an existing A* algorithm. We'll see how that theory works when I actually try integrating it.

All in all the team is incredible. Amazing that this many people have come together to give up their weekend. Yay.


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