Cinemon work draws to a close (Hard deadlines focus the mind admirably...)

So, at the management meeting on Wednesday we realised that we just can't afford to keep developing Cinemon with the current business arrangement. So, today is the last day of work on it until we manage to secure some funding.

The effect has been marvelous. No more working on long-term features, no more worrying about trivialities, just get the functionality working today that can be working today or don't work on it at all. As a result I've cleaned up the visual presentation of the network markedly (better layout, integration with the main UI), and am now working on fixing a few views (including the all-important "group" view) and the importer. After that, which hopefully will get finished within the next 8 hours, the project is put on the shelf.

Of course, if we'd had something approaching Agile methods running properly for the project that same effect would have been seen the entire time. But for that you need a full-time customer AFAICS.


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