Oh So Tantalizingly Close (Works on sugar-jhbuild, not on the B4)

As of right now I can play Productive (minus a few rules) under jhbuild on my workstation against myself. I've also got it building an xo and a POT file (pot file is still a bit anaemic). The UI is nowhere near what it needs to be, but the networking works and the main game window does most of what it needs to do.

The non-working "produce" command yesterday was actually due to a failed attempt to set focus on the surrogate window. If failed because there was an unused handler registered for the connect method that was trying to access the olpcgames.mesh.instance() value, which isn't available until after your avatar connects.

We'll want to have something to auto-generate the POT and MANIFEST files eventually, it looks like the code is supposed to automatically notice and use git/svn metadata to determine the files to include, but that doesn't seem to be implemented yet. I just put together a stupid little script that takes distutils-style MANIFEST.in specs and spits out the file-lists. That gives you plenty of control and seems to work fine.

Testing on the B4, however, hasn't gone so well. Seems I don't have the USB cable for my MP3 player, and we don't have any other USB keys in the house, so I can't update to a modern version (it's still back on a stable version (622) from before the Game Jam which doesn't seem to have an olpc-update command).

On 622, Productive is failing due to what look like telepathy issues (the presence service doesn't seem to want to stay up, so when I share it's just never getting around to connecting).

I'm thinking I'll take this as a sign and start into the "apply what we've learned from Productive to OLPCGames" task. I'd like to get the work required to run a Pygame game down to a quick script to auto-generate some wrapper stuff with a few questions, and then spit out an XO to install. At the very least we need a lot more documentation on what you need to do to get working in Pygame on the OLPC for non-trivial code.

Oh, also repaired Qemu on my workstation (won't build with a modern gcc) so that I can convert the images for VMWare folks again. Build 649 is uploading now (can't check that it works because VMWare is also hosed and I haven't figured out how to fix it yet (crashes the whole machine every time I try to start an image)).


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