Pleasant, but not very productive day yesterday... (Friends drop in)

I got up rather late yesterday, with my hands in no shape to be writing all day (I don't have voice dictation working in Linux yet), so I puttered until around 7, when Shane phoned to ask if I'd like to have coffee. Turns out he hadn't broken his fast yet (he's Baha'i), so I cooked up some dinner, and then Lara wanted to talk, so she dropped in for dinner too, and then Shiva and Shademan wanted to drop in to pick up Shiva's hat and wound up helping Rose with her Persian homework.

All in all, a wonderful evening. Just quiet conversation, but I love conversation. On the other hand, as of right now I still haven't got the paper for PyCon finished, and I haven't even started the presentation. My hands are a little better than yesterday, but they aren't in great shape. I need to get far more exercise than I am getting these days.

Okay, need to settle down and start writing/editing... but I'm not quite there yet... still too scattered in my thoughts... maybe I should read something first... or respond to a few of the dozens of emails that have piled up for various projects. Or maybe I should just make some coffee and get working.


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