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Need some time to work on work too (Inversion of ratio...)

Since the trip to Taiwan I've been working full-time-plus on OLPC stuff. Originally the plan was that I was to spend 1 day/week on it, with the other 4 days available for my other clients... but OLPC really needs someone working full-time on making things easier for developers. Getting OLPCGames whipped into shape, making sample ...

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Start Networking Productively (A quick tutorial on how we did basic networking...)

Since I seem to be incapable of sleeping, here's a quick description of how networking works in Productive...

Lobby Level

Productive has a traditional "lobby" interface, where the children who are gathering to play the game can configure their player characters (and eventually the game-size and in-game name). This interface is handled by the olpcgames.mesh ...

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