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Sept. 10, 2007 - Sept. 16, 2007

Sigh (Has the sky fallen yet?)

There's a story up on CNN about an apparent price increase (have to update my slides for tomorrow I suppose), which says we're up to $186 (US) dollars for the price. (As noted in the article) most of that does appear to be fluctuations in the US dollar. In the last 120 days the (US) ...

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Missed a ticket on a long thread (Introduction to Bitfrost-limited application development...)

Ivan punted a todo at me in a long thread on devel almost a month ago, but it got auto-sorted into a folder and I only got around to reading the thread today. Basically he's thinking we need a document describing how to work within Bitfrost as a short version of the spec, an application ...

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Agenda for Accessibility (This doesn't reflect the views of anyone else...)

Spent the whole day at the conference today. Met Liddie, who apparently works in the original school in Cambodia (and on the Spark project, and on other interesting things). Lots of other contacts, but on to the nitty-gritty stuff, an Agenda for Accessibility. I should note here this is *not* the consensus view, and has ...

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Long Day's Conference (Presentations and consultations...)

Spent the day at the International Forum on e-Learning and Standardization at which Walter suggested I present. 10 minute general introduction on the project. I'm told all the presentations were being recorded and should show up online at some point.

Rest of the day spent mostly in answering questions for people. I'm getting toward exhausted ...

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When someone hasn't heard (You want to put your hand up in the middle of the speech...)

Went to the opening of the conference today. Speaker was the new Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He mentioned various programmes for providing texts, and eventually (maybe) computer access to the communities and reserves in the North. He was talking about schemes such as having computers in the libraries that could be checked out, or maybe ...

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Cool, I'm married (Ring to prove it...)

Well, as of yesterday afternoon, I am now a married man. Soni was beautiful. The wedding march (Imperial March from Star Wars by Metallica) wasn't loud or distinct enough to be scary/ominous sounding, but she still came down the aisle. It wasn't the aisle we'd wanted (we wanted the outdoor chapel, but it was raining). ...

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