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Sept. 3, 2007 - Sept. 9, 2007

Fast Approaching Deadline (Fun-fun-fun...)

Wedding is tomorrow afternoon. Weather report says 90% chance of rain (for our planned outdoor ceremony). Likely have to retool for an indoor ceremony. Flowers and dress getting picked up now. Shoes producing blisters during break-in. Music for the ceremony still needs to get sorted out. Ceremony practise never got done. Rides to the (rather ...

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What's our porting status? (Just curiousity...)

I'm wondering, is anyone actively working on porting the Sugar/Fedora7 environment to the various other inexpensive machines? What about to thin-client Linux solutions? Probably it would work loosely on anything Debian based via the work that people have been doing on Ubuntu porting for sugar-jhbuild.

I realise that the 1CC folks are all busy with ...

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