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Oct. 15, 2007 - Oct. 21, 2007

Screenshots for Everyone! (Pictures are effective...)

I have a lot of screen shots in my presentations on the OLPC. I spent rather a long time (probably 2 or 3 hours) collecting and capturing them, and since that's all time paid for by the project, the results should be more easily available than having to download the presentations and pull out the ...

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Success in Innovation (Recipes for Success in Humanism)

We had a long discussion yesterday about the similarities between "social innovation" and "technical innovation" projects. There was broad general agreement that both of these are aspects of the same process, that is, that all social innovation is a form of a technical innovation, and the obverse.

I tried to make the point, though I'm ...

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Not quite the group I thought (Interdisciplinary group with focus on design...)

Group at the meeting today was more of a cross-disciplinary group convened to allow people to share ideas. Four talks with discussion after each, OLPC, MaRS Background, MaRS Social Innovation and a presentation from one of the MaRS incubator companies.

Seemed to generate quite a bit of interest. We have one storied physics' prof who ...

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Design Conference on MaRS (Feedback expected...)

Due to an email glitch, the confirmation for today's design conference never got through. Last minute check has me on the ticket so-to-speak, but didn't get an extensive set of design-related questions put together. I'm planning to direct our energies toward the Sugar UI and the various activities and their sharing mechanisms.

Wish I had ...

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Off to Taipei in 2 weeks (Open Source and inexpensive laptops...)

SJ suggested that I attend a conference in Taipei, Taiwan, and the conference organizers have generously offered to sponsor my trip. Asus will be presenting their EEEpc and their plans for creating a developer program around the platform. We really need to make sure that we're not duplicating effort across the platforms, and that the ...

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Bell Canada Labs (Then errands for 4 hours)

Presented the project down at Bell Canada this morning. Quiet meeting, only two people asking how to get involved. Hopefully just needs to percolate a bit. Anyway, two people is good if they do something wonderful :) .

After that spent the bulk of the day on various errands around town, picking up wedding dresses ...

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PyGTA Tomorrow (Mind-exploding fun!)

Planning to present continuations at the PyGTA meeting tomorrow. Continuations are the fundamental control construct of computer programming. Everything else is just syntactic sugar. They have some interesting applications when exposed directly, but most people use them to create other abstractions that are easier to understand. Tomorrow we'll be exploring just what these things are ...

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Ontario Linux Fest goes well (I'm a baritone for a few days, though...)

Spent Friday and Saturday on the presentation for Ontario Linux Fest. Went well, about 17.5 solid hours of talking, much of that talking loudly. As a result I've got a really gravelly voice right now. Lots of developer interest, challenge now is to turn that interest into actual developers :) .

However, I really, really, ...

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