Design Conference on MaRS (Feedback expected...)

Due to an email glitch, the confirmation for today's design conference never got through. Last minute check has me on the ticket so-to-speak, but didn't get an extensive set of design-related questions put together. I'm planning to direct our energies toward the Sugar UI and the various activities and their sharing mechanisms.

Wish I had the B2 working so I could demonstrate the sharing operations (there seems to be at least one simple design failure there, as people didn't seem to get any notification when invited (when we tested at Ontario Linux Fest)).

We have accessibility people, design people, entrepreneurs, etceteras, all gathering to discuss design. The OLPC is just one topic among many, but hopefully we'll get some good input on how to make the system more intuitive.

Example for need: an MS in computer science was unable to get my unit to download and open a PDF file from a USB Key (or their MP3 player), the machine can do that fine (I do it all the time), but the process was sufficiently opaque and non-intuitive that they could not complete the task at all, even with multiple hints.


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