Last to Know, Apparently (End of an era...)

Last month I was asked by someone (can't even remember who now) whether I thought Aurora Cable would be bought by Rogers... told him that as long as the CRTC was keeping the area's license exclusive to Aurora I couldn't see why they'd sell.

Apparently the CRTC decided to allow them in around the same time the chap asked me (duh!) Mentioned it to a friend and his response was "You didn't know, I heard about it last month". I'm guessing this chap heard the same thing and it wasn't just a hypothetical question.

Upshot is that my primary client, and the reason I started the business (to fulfil a promise I made to a friend to support them) have largely dissipated. Eventually they'll integrate their systems into Rogers and everything I've done for them will get put on a shelf and forgotten as the versions they've got at Rogers have had a lot more work poured into them.

Which means I can decide to expand my company, find other clients (or rather, say yes when they show up), and try to turn it into a going concern. Or I could shut it down and find a more traditional technical position somewhere. Or I could figure out some way to pay for school for 8 years (while supporting a hoped-for family) and find somewhere to teach.

But all this thinking is not turning my tutorial outline into a draft handout, so back to that and worry about this post-PyCon.


  1. Tim

    Tim on 02/23/2008 10:37 p.m. #

    Be "comforted", you're not the last to know. Apparently, I am. (-:

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