Don't upgrade Dovecot when you're busy (Server configuration completely changed...)

Told Gentoo on the server/workstation to update itself last night, got a shiny new KDE out of it (latest stable 3.x), but it also upgraded Dovecot (the imap server I use). Last little message from the upgrade's set of messages was to the effect of "Dovecot's configuration has completely changed, we encourage you to start from scratch"... which I saw just before I packed up the laptop to head out for the day.

Upshot is that I have no email access until I fix it, but I'm working on the handouts for the tutorial today, so not going to get fixed until the weekend. Sigh.

[Update] Ah, it was just a problem with the running instance not matching its spawned child processes. Restarting the server got the mail flowing again.


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