Centre of Attention Moving (PyCon in the focus...)

Have been doing a lot of PyCon preparations lately (mostly on the tutorial), working around the paying stuff. But some time this morning I switched to "PyCon Mode", with the work at home falling into secondary position. Got the Airline ticket printed, got the hotel information updated for my roomie, copied out the Hotel information for customs, and generally got ready to go tomorrow. Need to leave around 11am tomorrow to get to the airport on time.

The tutorial is now officially full at 21 people (in fact, almost all of the tutorials are full, with just a few of the largest having some extra space, must be big rooms, those). I want to burn off some LiveCDs and maybe a few Qemu and VMWare images. Would be nice to have patch installed (the tutorial currently uses patch to integrate the changes for each step into the code-base).

I'm picking up my B4 down at Linux Caffe this evening before the OLPC Meetup (Patrick normally needs access to it, so it's down there all the time). Need to make sure it's up to date. Also want to install all of the games onto it so that people can try them there (as well as on my (big) laptop).

Edward sort of took over organizing the OLPC table in the exhibition hall (yay). Don't have anywhere near the bandwidth to get that done too.

I've still got work to do organizing the OLPC Activities sprint after the conference. At the moment I'm considering making the goal to have all of the current games running, networked and suspend/resumable. I'd love time to work on making Productive more advanced (animations, more involved tech tree, more involved consequences for your actions, better "battles", audio cues).


  1. Charles Merriam

    Charles Merriam on 03/12/2008 2 a.m. #

    Well, I hope I'm on your list. I sent mail to PyCon about being in the tutorial (w/CC info). Never really got a definitive reply. :)<br />

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 03/12/2008 7:44 a.m. #

    Actually, I don't have a list for my tutorial. Just a number. Guess we'll find out tomorrow :) .

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