Need Patch and Pygame for Tutorial (Xubuntu LiveCD doesn't have them...)

Will need to have users do an "apt-get install pygame patch" to be able to run on a LiveCD. Similarly on an XO you'll need to su and then "yum install patch". Got Productive's packing script updated so that you can play on an XO from a download.

OLPC meetup was exactly what I needed tonight. Talked at length with Josh and Amanda about the various advice-to-developer items and in doing so realized what the introduction was missing. Timing is looking a bit long at the moment, will need to tighten up on practise tomorrow.

Develop's latest version doesn't run on the current Ubuntu packages, looks like a few API changes that create shallow breaks. Going to have to go back a few versions to find something for tutorial goers using XOs.

I've installed build 656 (latest stable) on my B4. Code for the tutorial should work on a pretty wide range of builds (everything from sugar-jhbuild (i.e. git head) through the Ubuntu packages).

I've also installed all of the Python games for which I could find an XO file on my (big) laptop, will see about getting them all copied to the XO at the airport tomorrow (we'll be looking through them briefly to get a feel for what's available/possible during the tutorial).

Need to bring along a dozen or so blank CDs so that we can burn LiveCDs if necessary. Want to get an upgrade key created too, though I'm hoping we won't need that (we certainly won't be doing it for the tutorial (no time, no real need, you don't need a dev environment to follow along), but we may need to for the sprints).

Anyway, it's late, and the puppy needs a walk. Tomorrow I'll get everything shoved in the bag, pick up some 'merican cash at the bank and be on my way to the wilds of Chicago.

[Update] Patch is no longer required, switched to simple copies instead.


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