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Networking is hard, hard == fun

Had a lovely chat with Li-Fan down at Linux Caffe this evening, then home for dinner and playing with qnet. I'm enjoying playing with different strategies for the library (parallelizing delivery, seems to just flush the caches rather than speeding delivery, for instance).  Really, it's that ability to play with strategies that I see being ...

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Whether to tie qnet or not?

I've been working a bit on pyqnet over the weekend.

  • refactored into multiple modules in a package with a setup script
  • I've got a UDP-level implementation (i.e. real network level operations)
  • statistics gathering is started
  • the beginnings of adaptive retry/backoff code are there (i.e. resend frequency based on normal connection latency)
  • fixed handling of lossy ...

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Sketchy network library...

Couldn't sleep this evening, so I sat down and hacked up a loose sketch of a networking library for Pygame.  The loose sketch is based on the description Phil gave at the OLPC jam at PyCon, but it's nowhere near finished yet.  Basically it's got the ordering and reliability stuff built, but hasn't touched ...

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ShowMeDo video on PyOpenGL

Erik Thompson has a video tutorial up on ShowMeDo where he builds a molecular viewer using PyOpenGL, wxPython and bzr.  Haven't had time to view it myself, but it looks quite extensive.  Focus seems to be on new users.

Check explicitly for extension support in OpenGL

Discovered a bug in PyOpenGL under Mesa this morning.  One of those "duh!" moments where you realise you're being a bit too clever and simple about things.  Luckily it was pretty easy to fix, as the whole of the extension hierarchy is auto-generated.

Basically, in OpenGL, extensions and functions > 1.1 are all potentially missing ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.0b4 available

Just released PyOpenGL 3.0.0b4.  This is a fairly minor point release.  It's the first to contain the proof-of-concept VBO support.  It also has a few more tests.  Still need work on the WGL extensions so that older WGL-using code that uses them will work.

A few fixes in OpenGLContext CVS as well.  Not releasing a ...

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Code Aesthetics Excitement...

Sat down to collect my contribution for tomorrow's PyGTA. I've cut the set down to 8, maybe tomorrow after work I can narrow it down further. At the moment everything is my own code, save for Tim Peter's toposort from way back when. There's a number of very different views of what makes good code ...

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Reminder Code Aesthetics @ PyGTA Tomorrow

Hope you're all wracking your brains and your source code control systems looking for that perfect piece of code that shows (some) programming has beauty and wonder.  Or maybe you're putting together a piece that shows programming really is just a kludge to get the job done.

PyGTA is tomorrow at Linux Caffe, 7:00pm.

RunSnakeRun Python Profile Viewer Updated

RunSnakeRun is one of my older projects.  It's a small utility which loads HotShot profiler data into a sortable GUI table.  It now also supports cProfile/profile module profile runs.  I've also updated it to work with modern wxPython and numpy instead of Numeric (it uses numpy to speed up loading of very large HotShot profiles). ...

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Code Aesthetics @ PyGTA

Here's the plan for the PyGTA meeting this Tuesday (the 15th).

Bring a piece of code that you love. Something that's elegant, beautiful, efficient, useful, perfectly formatted, meaningful, warped or wonderful in some way. We'll take 5 minutes each and present our chosen piece of code. Then we'll have people ask questions about the code ...

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