Open Source Time

I'm not getting anywhere near enough time put into the various Open Source projects I want to work on, let alone time to work on my thesis.  I probably need a few solid weeks just to work on OS, and a few solid years to work on the thesis stuff.  A few weeks might happen someday.

What needs doing:

  • PyOpenGL -- bugs cropped up in the last attempt to release, need to fix those and release (hopefully) the final beta, when release is done, need to look into the Pyglet generator again and try to reduce the duplication of efforts somewhat.  Need to create some real demos using just 3.0 approaches so that we can use those as sample code instead of the old stuff.
  • RunSnakeRun -- needs some basic UI work (polish, mostly)
  • SimpleParse -- needs porting to Python 2.6 C API
  • Productive -- needs rewriting/reworking
  • PyCon -- need to write the final presentations (that shouldn't take long)

I'm one of those coders who needs big blocks of time to work on projects.  I need to be able to say "I have 3 hours to work on this" before I can really sit down to something... which is one of the reasons I wind up sorting emails into "I can answer this right now and be done in 5 minutes" and "I'll have to reserve this for some time when I can dedicate half a day to it" piles... and the second pile is way too large and often takes months to plow through.  Of course, probably 80% of the time those tasks turn out to only take a few minutes, but the other 20% take far longer than you originally imagine, and figuring out which is which isn't an obvious process.

Anyway, for the next two weeks I don't expect to have much, if any, time to work on OS.  The two in-process projects both want to finish end-of-month.  I'm training a team in India and heading out of country for a week in the middle there.  Oh, and there's a PyGTA on Tuesday.

I know, nothing at all for many people, but to me it seems like a big fortnight.


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