Graphics suck time... indecision more...

Working on one of the graphics for the OpenGL 3.1 presentation most of today.  It's a fairly generic drawing, showing the VBOs, texture-storage, Vertex and Fragment shaders and the various interconnections such as Vertex Attributes, Uniforms, Varying attributes and the like.  I found two drawings that were very similar to what I wanted, one in the "OpenGL SuperBible", the other in "The OpenGL Shading Language", but neither seemed to focus on "how you program" the shaders.  They discussed, in the first case, the parts of the fixed-function pipeline that shaders replaced, and in the second, the components that interact, but without reference to how they interact.

The result is too busy as a diagram.  I'll need to break it down into a number of diagrams, each with a single idea.  That should be fairly easy.

What I'm realizing, however, is that the original approach was probably a better one.  While it is ever so clean and simple to describe what's left in OpenGL 3.1, if you don't know what was there before the explanation leaves you a bit "so what-ish".  Talk at PyGTA is on Tuesday night, so I need to finalize which way to go for that pretty soon :) .


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