Beginning work on OpenGLContext release

Sometimes you get discouraged about a project that you work on all the time.  You think "no one uses it, so I may as well just do whatever I feel like doing".  Over the years, you lose track of the idea of releasing it as a working piece of software, you just sort of think of it as a collection of sample code and tests.

Then one day you realize "hey, wouldn't it be great if people could actually *run* that sample code you're spending all that time writing?" and you start cleaning up the code-base, packaging all the dependencies and generally catching up with the long-forgotten idea of someone else wanting to work with the code.

Today has been that day for OpenGLContext.  I haven't fully caught up with all the packaging issues, but in a quick test just now I was able to create a virtualenv with no site-packages or PYTHONPATH and install the whole of OpenGLContext into it from source packages (with the notable exceptions of PIL and numpy, which I symlinked in from the system packages).  The downloads from SourceForge all seem broken, however, so I'll need to find out why and fix that.

Packages needed:

  • PyOpenGL
  • PyOpenGL_accelerate
  • PyVRML97
  • PyVRML97_accelerate
  • SimpleParse
  • TTFQuery
  • fonttools
  • numpy
  • PIL
  • PyDispatcher
I've been trying to eliminate all setuptools-based code, so while I'm testing in a virtualenv with easy_installing, the packages hopefully will all be non-setuptools-requiring.  The Pygame/wxPython contexts are also useful, so I suppose those should be install requirements too.  Win32UI is used by one of the tests/demos, but I doubt I'll make that an install requirement (we're already pretty huge).

I'll need to do something about installing the demo/test code somewhere too, by default the setup script doesn't install them.  They're a bit large though, so maybe they need to be a separate package at some point (like PyOpenGL-Demo).

Still a lot to get done, but hopefully I've got the bulk of the "housecleaning" stuff finished and I can focus on the higher-level fixes needed going forward.


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