First PyGTA Class Begins to Take Shape

We had a lively PyGTA this evening on the topic of concurrency.  After which I put out a call for those who are interested in helping setup and teach (low-cost) courses on Python.

Our first course looks to be an Introduction to Django, likely on a Saturday in early November, taught by a consultant who does Django extensively (including on App Engine, though I'm guessing he'll focus on the standard Django stack for the course).

This first course is going to be sponsored, so we can offer it free and give reasonable value for the money as we figure out what we're doing :) .  Hopefully we'll be able to keep costs down to less than $20/day for the full-day courses as we go forward.  We've got a venue that offers a classroom-like space, coffee, projector, power, networking and the like.

Anyway, we're hoping for small, interactive, hands-on courses offered frequently on interesting topics by people who are interested in helping people learn.  All else is details.


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