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Minimal example of using twisted.manhole (Since it took me so long to get it working...)

Okay, so you want to take a Twisted server and provide a way to execute arbitrary Python code within it while it is running. A few moments of googling gives you the information you need, namely that you want to use the twisted.manhole package. A few minutes more and you come across what seems ...

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HowTo: Create an SSL web-server in Twisted (Crude approach, but it works...)

The Twisted web howto doesn't mention the fairly common task of creating an SSL-secured communications channel for a web server. The process of doing so is fairly simple, but it requires tracking down a few pieces of information, so I've collected them here:

First things first, to create an SSL server, you need a private ...

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mDNS service to share apt caches?

Working on the Research in Action follow-up I had a thought.

Is there a package I can install on a (Debian-based) machine which would automatically advertise to all machines on the network (via mDNS or the like) that I have (signed) repository sources and .debs available?

The idea being that an "Internet Bus" would update ...

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Framebuffer Object shadows

I also added a FrameBufferObject implementation to the "special effects" tutorial path for OpenGLContext. This uses the convenience wrapper for frame buffer objects which I just added to PyOpenGL. The convenience wrapper just makes the ARB and EXT variants of the entry points available via alternates and provides a checkFramebufferStatus function which implements the ARB ...

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Research in Action

The other event of the day yesterday was University of Toronto's Research in Action show. This is a booth-based presentation of various research, whether formal or informal, being done at the University. My interest is primarily in figuring out how to:

  • Use Open Source to make it easier for researchers to make their work relevant ...

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Code-dojo seemed to work well

We decided to use the 21-line spell checker as a sample case for playing with Cython last night. We immediately ran into a few uses of not-yet-supported features (at least, in the default Ubuntu version of Cython), things like lambdas, generator comprehensions, etceteras). We spent a while playing with moving code about in modules to ...

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Code-dojo on Cython @ PyGTA on Tuesday

PyGTA this month is going to try a code-dojo with the goal of speeding up some Python package up using a Cython extension module. We'll decide which module to speed up at the meeting, but if you have suggestions, would like to hear them. Should be a (pure) Python module which could benefit from C/Cython ...

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Shadow Tutorial Up

I've just put together another in the series of beginner tutorials for OpenGLContext. This one covers the use of ARB shadow and ARB depth texture to simulate shadows.  It's based off a C tutorial and I used Ian's shader library to figure out what was going wrong with my texture matrix calculation. Turns out I ...

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Automating the day away

I spent almost the whole day on automation today.  Basically getting the OpenGLContext test-suite to run as an automated suite, rather than a set of scripts I have to manually run.  It's not yet doing any sort of comparison of the captured images, but it lets me see the results on a single page quickly. ...

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Linking Platform Packages into VirtualEnv (automatically)?

So you're creating a virtualenv with --no-site-packages so that you get some package isolation for testing, but you want to have those 2-3 platform-provided packages included, numpy, PIL, maybe a DB adapter.  Is a script to create a symlink the best approach?  What about when you aren't in control of the virtualenv and you just ...

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