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Aug. 10, 2009 - Aug. 16, 2009

Add context managers to PyOpenGL?

Playing a bit with Python context managers for PyOpenGL.  Considering adding them pervasively, likely with a configuration flag. (idea is from Florian's gletools)...

  • OpenGL.arrays.VBO -- make a context manager itself (this is already implemented)
  • OpenGL.GL.compileShader -- make the shader int returned a context manager (implemented)

Those two I consider non-controversial, as they are already non-standard ...

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New tutorial(s) up...

Continuing to plow through writing tutorials.  There's now 10 GLSL code walk through style tutorials for OpenGLContext.  Next up should likely be texturing/samplers.  I'm going to have to start factoring out some of the common code, as large blocks are basically the same for each tutorial and they're making it somewhat cumbersome.  I'm also thinking ...

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