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Aug. 3, 2009 - Aug. 9, 2009

Code-walkthrough Overkill

I'm beginning to think that the "code walkthrough" style is just way too involved for many of these tutorials/demos.  Most of them can be reduced to "define scenegraph", maybe set up a few event handlers to manipulate it.  I think I'll go back to the low-level tutorials when I get a chance to work on ...

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OpenGLContext Fun

Spent the whole day on OpenGLContext.  I bashed out a "molehill" tutorial based on the classic from Mark Kilgard), mostly to verify that the NURBS stuff really isn't broken[1], and did a bit of work creating a "gear" geometry type (not satisfied with that one at all, very dull looking).  I made the ROUTE mechanism ...

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Beginning work on OpenGLContext release

Sometimes you get discouraged about a project that you work on all the time.  You think "no one uses it, so I may as well just do whatever I feel like doing".  Over the years, you lose track of the idea of releasing it as a working piece of software, you just sort of think ...

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