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Oct. 5, 2009 - Oct. 11, 2009

OpenID Support in a TG2 Application

Spent most of the day playing with TurboGears Authentication/Authorization system.  In particular, I stripped out the "quickstart" configuration and created a "who.ini" based almost-equivalent.  With that, I added an OpenID provider using a repoze plugin... at the end of all that, I can log into my localhost quickstart application with a login.  I've documented ...

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PostgreSQL/SQLAlchemy/TurboGears search

PostgreSQL 8.3+ has integrated the old tsearch2 plugin into the distribution.  This lets you do very formal "stemmed" textual queries on a body of text (set of columns in a table).  For instance, imagine we have a table "version_text" that stores all of the text in our version control system in the "text" column.  We ...

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