Didn't even think to enable epoll in Twisted+TG

Enabling the epoll reactor in Twisted is a two-line change:

from twisted.internet import epollreactor
from twisted.internet import reactor

From there on the app is unchanged.  I didn't have time to really test that today (paying work and all), but I don't really expect to see much of a change.  EPoll is about scaling up, and my current speed annoyances are all about single-query latencies (I see most queries taking 300-430ms).

Anyway, I've got more paying work to get done this week, so the ChatTrack stuff is going to have to wait a bit.  It needs to be done for PyGTA's PyCon Dress Rehearsal on the 19th at the latest, but I can likely get another 2-3 days between then and now, maybe as much as a week if I finish these projects with few speed-bumps.


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