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Feb. 1, 2010 - Feb. 7, 2010

ab is a cruel mistress

Got started on testing performance tonight for ChatTrack.  Wow.  Nowhere *near* where it needs to be, not even on basic page rendering... seeing something like 14.5rps sustained on 1000 requests with 100 concurrency, and there's significant numbers of requests taking more than 4s to reply (eep!).  And that's on the laptop, the poor little ...

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Specs can really suck the life out of you...

Just spent hours tracking down the "DOCSIS TLV" config-file format and implementing it.  This is one of those things where the project spec says "do what that spec says to do", pointing you at a deprecated version of the big spec, then the updated version of that spec says "do what this other spec says ...

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Quicky testing TFTP Client (and server) with tftpy

To run a server (easy_install tftpy first):
from tftpy.TftpServer import TftpServer
TftpServer( 'tftp' ).listen( 'localhost', 8069 )

Which serves up the files in the 'tftp' directory on port 8069 (69 is the standard tftp port).  To download an existing file from the server:

from tftpy.TftpClient import TftpClient
TftpClient( 'localhost',8069).download( 'exists', 'downloaded.txt' )
which should download ...

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Two Weeks to PyCon Dress Rehearsal @ PyGTA

Mark your calendars.  Mark your icals. Mark your minds.  3 PyCon presenters will present at the regular Greater Toronto Area Python User's Group (PyGTA).  Real-time feedback tools, a chance to chat with the presenters and give feedback after the talks, and a rollicking good time for all.  7pm -> ~11pm Tuesday the 16th.  Be there, ...

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Linux is kinda fun...

You're on a Linux box.  You want to set up an unprivileged user (yourself, maybe) to be able to run on port 80... how do you do it?  There's actually quite a few ways, some that use permissions in security-focused versions of linux, some that have root run the process then shed privileges (the traditional ...

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