ACPI almost working... (Maybe a bit more battery life as a result)

Came down to Linux Caffe to work on getting the Laptop configured to use ACPI (the power-management features). I've got the runlevels set up and have them switching when I unplug/plug-in the laptop. No luck yet in getting a high-level interface (i.e. a GUI widget) configured to let me manage them.

The screen is automatically dimming even when on AC power. So there's not really all that much difference between the high and low power modes. The bright setting is really very bright, but since it only stays that bright for 1 minute it's not a particularly useful thing yet (is definitely easier on the eyes, though).

Anyway, they'll be closing in a few minutes here. I'll head home to my little white room soon. Ah, little white room to which I am eternally drawn by having nowhere more fun to go.


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